Event DJ

Anthony has preformed at all kinds of events; from New Year’s Eve parties, to city events, to The Black and White Soirée. He is the one of the DJ’s for the 2015 Winter Games in Prince George. His experience and skill has led him to many opportunities.

“I truly enjoy seeing people have a good time and enjoying themselves. Being in control of the dance floor is my favorite part of any event, even when there is no dance floor my aim is to get people to dance. I am always thrilled to see people dancing to what I play. Seeing people get a little wild and crazy and letting loose is the most satisfying feeling. With the amount of events I have DJ’d, I see all different types of crowds and I get to see ALL different kinds of things; the unique and the crazy.

I feel that it is important for people to dance in order to have a great time. I’m sure there are people that don’t dance and still think they have a good time, but if those people actually got off their butts they would realize that dancing is euphoric, fun and it gets their endorphins going!! The girl who dances always has more fun. The guy who dances is much more likely to get lucky!!” ~DJ Ant