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Weddings and Music

DJ Ant has been a wedding DJ in Prince George for many years and  has realized the importance of reception music. It can sometimes be under-appreciated when planning events. Many guests tend to remember few details about the past wedding receptions and events they have been to. But the things that stick in their mind for a long time: the venue (food & service) and the music/entertainment. Other things like flowers, chair covers, pipe and drape, colour themes, favors, how many tiers were on the cake and what the best man wore are all small things…. But when added together are really meant to impress your guests. And although these things will likely not be remembered, the guests will surely remember the music if they danced all night, but moreso if it was terrible!

Couples are often more likely to cut corners and compromise when it comes to reception music than on the other wedding services. They are prepared to pay a premium for photographers, wardrobe, out-of-season flowers and fine wines but a band or DJ seems to be much more price sensitive.

Many event hosts have a vision of throwing a great party with their guests dancing and fist-pumping all night long. In my opinion, if music is the most important thing when people are deciding where to spend their time on a Saturday night, then it’s fair to say it’s also really important at a wedding. To put it simply, music can make or break a wedding reception. There are many ‘types’ of DJ’s, and the wrong DJ can actually ruin even the most beautiful event.

As the owner of my own business Pure Sound & Entertainment, I take pride that I offer a very professional and interactive DJ service with superior customer service. I have top quality sound equipment to give you and your guests a night to remember.

My goal is to exceed your expectations and to make your event memorable. I want your guests to go home telling all their friends about what a great time they had. The best thanks I can get is a referral, as over 90% of my business is through these referrals.

The bottom line is that I will do whatever it takes to ensure the success of your event. From the first phone call right up to very end of the night, you will be dealing with one person, and I will be flexible to your various needs.

Remember, a DJ is less than 10% of your total budget, but 90% of your party’s success.

Why Music is so Important at Weddings

  • 81% of guests say entertainment is the most memorable part of a wedding.
  • 72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment
  • Almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.
  • During wedding planning, Brides say their highest priority is their wedding dress, attire, followed by the reception site and caterer – reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities.
  • Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority.

*These statistics were published in St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine in 2003. Sources include: Simmons, 2001; USA Today, 2002; National Bridal Service, 2001; The Knot, 2002; Brides Magazine, 2001.


The best thing about Anthony’s extras are that they don’t cost extra! His brides have complete access to everything he has at not extra cost. He has strobes, lasers, bright lights, fog and bubble machines to make your dance the most memorable it can be. His favorites are the strobes, lasers and bright lights because they can be setup to change and ‘dance’ with the bass of the music. The faster the bass, the more the lights will change. He loves doing a light show with fog because it is so drastically enhanced with the fog.

Mario & Camille Garcia’s Wedding

“Although I do have fun at every event I DJ, My most memorable wedding would have to be Mario & Camille Garcia. That wedding was one of the most fun. If the crowd is there to party and celebrate, it makes the event that much more special. An event with a packed dance floor makes the best atmosphere, and you could really feel the love in the room. Their wedding ceremony was beautiful at the lake, and the reception at the Quesnel Community Centre. They did a really good job.” ~ DJ Ant